Sunday, July 8

Paltry Remarks, High Definition

The average American spends the equivalent of 6 months over his lifetime stopped at red lights.

BDCA . . .

It's the song!

Stop banging on the furnace!

Sean John

Take Transit.

I have an idea!

Fine, I won't say a word...Nothing at all...Complete silence.

"She could see from my face that I was FLYING high"

Mama always says...

It must be the floor.

Where are we on the map?

"You're going the wrong way!"

Fat Joe's been doing a lot of collaborations lately.

Sorry, it's Madonna.


That was so pro.


It's 2:00. The day is gone!

I know all the words to this song.

Your timing's a little off.

Why did she take Jasminder's shoes?